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      "Great heavens! he's bin shot through the bowels?" thought Si, turning toward him with sickening apprehension of this most dreaded of wounds. Then, aloud, with forced cheerfulness"I hope you ain't hurt bad, Monty."

      "Jestjestjestcow," answered Shorty, momentarily stumped for once in his volubility. And then he went on more garrulously than ever, to make amends. "She's as gentle as a lamb, will live on two ears o' corn and a kind word a day, and give two gallons o' milk, nearly all cream. Me and my pardner wouldn't take .0 in gold for that cow. We're goin' to send her up home as soon as the lines are open, to start our stock-farm with."The Orderlies of the other companies called to their men to fall in at different places.

      "It's all right," the master said, slurring his words only very slightly. "I wanted to come and talk. I wanted to talk to one of you."

      While Si and Shorty were still worrying about what to do for arms for the remainder of their men, they heard what seemed to be about a company marching toward them through the darkness."They seem to've bin at home and expectin' us, Capt," grinned Si, as he pointed to the augmenting swarm of horsemen.

      "Nothing is predicated on necessity but action," Dr. Haenlingen said. "Certainly not success."





      MRS. BRANDON: Slaves? Like in the olden times?