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      He crossed over to the agents office.


      For Gods sake, spare me! he pleaded.It is not true, she saidit is not true!

      Thank you, he said, with a bow. But all my cleverness, if I possess any, will be of no avail unless you and the family back me up. It will not be difficult. Just repeat what I have said, and repeat it with a cheerful countenance, and all will be well. Married life, my dear Lady WyndoverI speak of it with authority, because, being a bachelor, I play the part of spectator, and, as you are aware, the spectator sees more of the game than the actual playermarried life does not run even as smoothly as true love. Very soon after the nuptial knot has been tied, some little trouble is sure to occur; sometimes it smooths itself away; sometimes, when one or both of the married couple are foolish, the little trouble grows into a big one, and there isscandal. Now, I am resolved[349] that this trouble of Traffords and Esmeraldas shall not wreck their lives. I happen to know that they are both ridiculously in love with each other, and I shrewdly suspect that our friend, the demon Jealousy, is at the bottom of this mischief; to give him his due, he generally is. When Lilias arrives, tell her what I have told you; give her a loving message from Esmeralda, and then go up to London and see all her friends, and break the news of Traffords and Esmeraldas departure for the delightful Antipodes.At times he was back again in England and among his own people. He spoke of his mother, of the Manor, of his club in London.

      Yes, I think you are, he assented in a low voice; and her innocence smote him with a feeling of guilt and shameit was as if he were deceiving a child.She repeated it.

      They reached the hut at last, and the woman, hearing their steps, came out to meet them; she uttered one cry at sight of the motionless figure of the brave girl, then helped them place her on the bed and silently drew a curtain before it. Trafford sunk on a chair and hid his face in his hands; Varley leaned against the wall as if utterly exhausted, as indeed he was; Simon looked from one to the other grimly.If you wish it, I will go away again, and leave you in peace. I could not go until I had told you with my own lipsuntil I had confessed to you, and tried to obtain your forgiveness. I know that I do not deserve it, but I know, dear, how tender your heart is, and that you will not let me go without your forgiveness.


      Thank you very much, murmured the duke, as if the trivial project were now satisfactorily launched. Did you notice the tulips, my dear Trafford, as you came across the terrace. I think they are more beautiful than usual. And I want you to go into the third orchid house before dinner, if you have time. I got as far yesterday, and it seemed to meI may be wrongthat they were rather crowded. If this is so, we must have new houses built. I think they should be much larger than the old ones. Will you give any instructions, if they be necessary?


      I thought you said it wasnt far? said Esmeralda, as they went off.


      Lady Wyndover leaned back, and laughed softly, with a kind of comic despair.