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      The correct response was on file. "Drinking a little too much last night, I guess." It was all automatic: everything was automatic. The Alberts went into their elevator, and Dodd and his partner followed. Dodd's body did not stumble. But Dodd was somewhere else.

      "He ?un't dead."

      "Oh, well, if you d?an't choose to tell me ... But I've eyes in my head.""Hullo," he said feebly.

      Then a gentle darkness stole upon her eyes, as her overworked machine of flesh and blood ran down and throbbed slowly into stillness and peace.


      At last, strengthened by the food, he went up to Naomi's room again. This time he was admitted."Well, is it? I reckon it ?un't the last word on your wife."


      RE: Fruyling's World


      And of course she was right. Even if what she said had sounded cold, removedhe had to remember she was under shock, too, the attack had come unexpectedly on them all. It didn't matter what she said: she was safe. He was glad of that."I'd rather not," said Naomi, shuddering.