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      As they came through the door, one of the men turned a switch and the deck was flooded with light. Riever's sharpened gaze flew first to Pen's face, and from Pen to Don. For a fraction of a second he did not recognize him, but Don grinned, and said coolly:By the time they got out of the woods the moon had traveled a good bit towards the West. Now it almost hung over the taller splotch of black that marked the trees surrounding the big house.

      "'Aunt Jemima's plaster,

      "Much you won't," said Si, looking toward the car; "there ain't no rest."

      The sun shone brightly and cheerily through the crisp December air. The fires of cedar rails sent up a pungent, grateful fragrance. Hardtack, pork and coffee tasted better than he had ever known them."Why, Shorty," said Si, amused at his partner's heat, "you stole that yourself."

      The nature of the country was another cause that helped to protract the contest. "Geography," says Von Moltke, "is three fourths of military science;" and never was the truth of his words more fully exemplified. Canada was fortified with vast outworks of defence in the savage forests, marshes, and mountains that encompassed her, where the thoroughfares were streams choked with fallen trees and obstructed by cataracts. Never was the problem of moving troops, encumbered with baggage and artillery, a more difficult one. The question was less how to fight the enemy than how to get at him. If a few practicable roads had crossed 381

      "Boss gwine catch it now fo' sho'," she murmured, and waddling silently through the pantry, put her ear to the crack of the dining-room door.


      [789] Bigot, as well as Vaudreuil, sets Bougainville's force at three thousand. "En runissant le corps M. de Bougainville, les bataillons de Montral [laisss au camp de Beauport] et la garnison de la ville, il nous restoit encore prs de 5,000 hommes de troupes fra?ches." Journal tenu l'Arme. Vaudreuil says that there were fifteen hundred men in garrison at Quebec who did not take part in the battle. If this is correct, the number of fresh troops after it was not five thousand, but more than six thousand; to whom the defeated force is to be added, making, after deducting killed and wounded, some ten thousand in all.Pen was obliged to let it go at that, though it was with a sickening anxiety.


      Pen caught at the suggestion. If she were obliged to bring Don in, the money might make all the difference to them. "Well, why not?" she said. "I could use the money as well as anybody."


      "Why of course!" he said. "It's absurd." But there was no real conviction in his tones.Pen pulled her hand away. "Please! Please!" she murmured. "I can't stand it! ... Not to-night!"